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What We Do

We create customized and unique automotive graphics, and also take awesome photographs of anything put in front of our cameras (or uploaded by you), then we create a range of products using those pics, or even better, customize the pictures for you to include text, other photos, logos, custom backgrounds, you name it, and we make it! We pride ourselves in what we do, and that is creating beautiful pictures and one of a kind products that our clients love!


We created this website to allow our clients to easily do the top 3 things we are asked for:

Custom Design any product


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Who We Are

Bobby Tarowsky

Bobby TarowskyBobby T, is the official photographer for ESG.

Background: Photography, Music, and Lighting with over 20 years experience with his company Bobby T. Rocks Photography. He is our chief of all things photo related, so obviously he knows his way around a camera and some lights.

Give BT a subject, like your car, truck, or bike, and maybe a model or two, and stand back! When the lights dim and the batteries are drained, be ready to see some photos that are ‘tack sharp’!


Follow Bobby:
Bobby T Rocks Facebook

Shawn Cessna

Shawn CessnaShawn is the Art Director for ESG.

Background: Graphic Design, Conceptual Design, Photography with over 15 years experience. His specialty is customization, taking each clients vision and making it a visual reality. He refuses no artistic challenge, and takes every job personally.

Shawn’s our master illustrator, give him an idea to run with and get out the way! He is also the noisemaker of the bunch, and will tell anyone within earshot just that!


Follow Shawn:
Shawn Cessna Facebook Shawn Cessna on Twitter

Steve Shoaf

Steve ShoafSteve is the Creative Director for ESG.

Background: Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography with over 15 years experience. He is our idea man, taking a simple concept and spinning it- adding this and removing that- until the product is just what it is supposed to be. He’s also the point man, and has a talent for seeing everything at ESG through, and keeping all of us in line.

Steve’s also our resident smart guy, its not just his complexion thats bright!


Follow Steve:
Steve Shoaf Facebook Steve Shoaf on Twitter


How We Started

We are a company made up of designers, photographers, and automotive enthusiasts. Our initial idea behind Evil Streetz Graphyx was to offer owners a high quality photo and print of their ride at car shows, or customize the shot by adding a model, or a custom background. It went over very well at our first show and we knew we had something!

We launched Evil Streetz Graphyx in 2011 at the 50th Anniversary World Of Wheels convention right in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. It was an awesome experience for us, we met a lot of great people and provided them with photo prints of their rides, but we realized other things as well. There was much more that Evil Streetz could bring to the table than just photos, we could be your one stop shop for all things visual and automotive! We had seen a few cars that had show boards at various shows, some home made, some “professionally” done… and we wanted to bring next level graphics and one of a kind custom designed show boards to the automotive world, so we assembled top talent in design, photography, and printing, and Evil Streetz Graphyx was born! It has taken us a couple of years to get to the level we are at, but we now are able to offer you a wide range of products such as: show boards, t-shirts, decals, vinyls, posters, flyers, prints in a variety of sizes, promotional materials, web sites, logos, and much more, all with a level of customization that is unmatched.


We would love to make your “vision” a reality. Contact Us today!